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Welcome to

This is a web site build for sales of custom modular and pre fab homes.   We design the homes in London, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Whitehorse, Yukon Territories and install them any where in Canada.

They can be pre purchased for 16 wheel delivery for installation by the contractor of your choice, for all warranties - our mobile speciality team will travel with your new building and install it where you require it.

To purchase a modular home or building click here!

2020 Construction Yukon

Modular Home & Building Line Up

We provide three modular building lines Named after my time building in and love for  the Yukon Territories and my many good, tough friends who survive the fidget, yet wonderful and rugged environment up there!

The Yukon Homesteader 2020 TMThe Yukon Homesteader 2020 TMThe Yukon Homesteader TM Mobile

pre fab home that pushes the limits of modular, adding to the ethics of our Canadian Master Craftsman and the secrets of building per durability in the Canadian Environment, where we have extremes of cold, hot, wind, rain, sleet, and snow.  This is a great investment and lasts the test of time.

The Yukon Prospector TM Mobile Home

This is a more business suited model built with a commercial level of durability with the thought of high traffic and use in mind, slightly heavier weight then the Homesteader, it can come set up and ready to go as a portable office, lab and work station out fitted for the most high end field technologies.

The Yukon Custom TM Mobile Home

Take your choice of living, business, science and trade combinations and have those choices build in to your high efficiency off grid portable home. we will have it built to high north standards ready for shipping any where in the world.

Welcome to the website I am the designer and architect.   My first home was a modular home.   Today with the drive for efficient living, modular homes and offices are great choices for affordability, efficiency and mobility.  Also space is in my mind, we are there!  I am impressed with the recent launch of the Chinese Long March Heavy Rocket!  Ohhh that is so cool!  

We are in a  changing time, and a great way to bring down your families or business carbon foot print is by using space wisely.  Modular homes are inexpensive to heat and cool and are light weight and adaptable and portable!  When the time comes for a change of scenery, possibly a move from one work spot to another or a sale of a piece of land what have you - it is much easier at that point just to pick up and go.